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You never know when a natural disaster, terrorist attack or some other unforeseen event is going to happen. But when it does hit, finding food could be near-impossible as stores are quickly sold out or have their shelves stripped bare by hungry mobs. In a crisis, it only takes 2 hours for grocery stores to run out of food. 

The Red Cross and FEMA both recommend that every American have at least 72 hours of NON-PERISHABLE emergency food on hand in case of an emergency. That's exactly what you get when you Claim your 72-Hour Emergency Food Kit today.

72 Hour Emergency Food Kit
Send My Emergency Food Kit Now!
"72 hour kit is a perfect starter kit for any scenario. Put one in your car, work bag, at home, or RV.  If you want to start preparing safe food, here is where to start!" ~Kevin S.
Hurry, Grab Your 72 Hour Emergency Food Kit
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Survive & Be Prepared in an Emergency!
Having Emergency Food Can Prevent Panic & Save Your Life!
Tastes Great, Nutritious, & Easy to Prepare
"These are essential products to have for the long-term emergency and survival situations that might arise. Quality and packaging are great. Every product tastes very good and is easy to prepare. Also you get a good deal on the prices. I am glad to have the security of knowing I will be self-sustainable in a crisis. Thanks." ~TD
"I am not a full blown survivalist. I am not an idiot, either. I have been through enough in my life and have seen friends who have been through an emergency situation. Sure, sometimes it is only for a few days and I pray that it is never longer than that for you or me or anyone we know. Save up if you have to, but get at least a month’s supply NOW. It tastes good although if it is that dire of an emergency, you will be happy to eat anything. IF you have something to eat for your family. Get some water, too, and something to heat it with. We made some of this product and had family and friends over for them to taste and they all agreed they never thought anything would be this good and they will be ordering. Just do something. You can’t lose on this deal." ~Ken K.

"I have been iced in this weekend. I thought I would try my sample of potato soup. To my utter delight ….. IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! Thank you for such a wonderful product and the peace of mind it brings!" ~Carol B.
Send My 72 Hour Emergency Food Kit Now!
Hurry, Grab Your Emergency Food Kit
while supplies last...
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Claim Your 72 Hour Emergency Food Kit Now!
Made in the USA - Emergency Food Supply
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This isn’t ordinary food... this is delicious, nutritious, good for 25 years “super survival food” that could literally save your life in a disaster. 

This 72-Hour Emergency Food Kit has the bare minimum amount of food you need to have on hand in a crisis. It’s a fantastic starting point for people who don’t yet have a stockpile but know they need one. It contains 16 servings of high quality survival food and is being offered here for only $19.95!
As you can clearly see, this 72 Hour Emergency Food Kit - Sample Pack is an incredible value! But don’t take our word for it… here are over a thousand of positive reviews from real My Patriot Supply Verified & Satisfied customers:

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72 Hour Emergency Food Kit - Sample Pack
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